With over 60 models in 30,000 configurations, Fassi cranes are truly purpose built, “tailor made” to suit the rigorous demands of customers.

The highest levels of quality is guaranteed as over 90% of the Fassi crane is manufactured directly in one of the Italian Fassi factories, from metal sheeting to the finished crane.

It is a certainty, witnessed by the fact that over 70% of the cranes produced by Fassi are still in full-time operation.

Fassi’s seamless ability to continuously incorporate state-of-the-art technological advancements into its entire range of cranes is showcased in Fassi’s unique design, which is seen and interpreted as a guiding factor for its market position.

Designed to perform means safe, high performance cranes.

When you choose a Fassi crane you are making a true investment destined to show its full value in time: product value | market value | service value

Fassi Small Capacity


With a lifting capacity from 1 to 12 metric tonnes, particular attention is given to the establishing of a functional innovative design to guarantee performance beyond compare.

Fassi’s light-weight cranes, are available in a wide range of versions, starting from “micro” cranes, which integrate reduced weight, compactness and limited dimensions and still has the factors typical of Fassi quality, both in the structure and in the details.


Fassi Medium Capacity


With a lifting capacity from 13 to 38 metric tonnes, Fassi’s medium duty knuckle boom cranes, are suitable to be fitted on 2 or 3 axle trucks, in a variety of options and setups including the Prolink function.

The technological fittings comprise all of the most innovative electronic, hydraulic and mechanical components as well as safety devices which enable exceptional performance without restriction.

Fassi Heavy Capacity


Revolutionizing the traditional idea of the heavy-weight crane installed on 3 or 4 axle trucks, Fassi combines exceptional lifting performance with a machine body that reduces structural dimensions to a minimum and aims at limiting tare weight.

This is possible through to the use of special patented materials, such as the extremely high elasticity steels which ensures formidable levels of resistance and weight optimization.