Laughlin and De Gannes Ltd. (LDG) was established in 1949 as a supplier of automotive products, to service the needs of the motoring public. LDG is the authorized dealer of a wide variety of internationally renowned product lines. In order to maintain a high level of specialization, LDG is structured into five separate Business Units; Retail Division (The Tool Store), Service Division (The Service Centre), Industrial Division, Wholesale Division, Automotive & Engineering Division.

In 2007, LDG under the stewardship of Tommy Laughlin saw the growing potential of ProCom as a supplier of industrial, oilfield and energy products to the burgeoning T&T economy and pursued sole ownership of ProCom. Whilst holding a 50% stake in ProCom, Tommy Laughlin acquired the remaining 50% of shares from Insertech Ltd.



Jaguar Oilfield Services Guyana, Inc. was formed in 2017 by 3 companies; Farfan and Mendes Group, Mines Services Ltd and Process Components Ltd. (ProCom). With a combined experience of 100 years serving their respective local industries, the parent companies recognized that their experience in providing quality industrial products, with strong after sales service was exactly what the emerging Guyanese Oilfield Industry needed. Jaguar serves the Guyana oil industry with quality OEM products and services from a shop and warehouse facility in Georgetown, near the offshore supply base serving Exxon and its offshore operations.