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ProCom has been trusted by energy companies in Trinidad for over 35 years as a supplier of industrial, oilfield and energy related products.

In 2021, ProCom was acquired by Rosco Petroavance Ltd and is now a member of the Agostini Group.

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Huskey 684 nickel Anti-Seize leaves a protective film that seals and protects metal parts, even under the most extreme condition of heat, corrosive and acidic environments.

Prevents rust and corrosion and protects up to 2600°F (1427°C). Waterproof and contains no lead or copper.

Suitable for Manifold Studs, Pipe Fittings, Heat Exchanger and Furnace Hinges, Burner Tips.

100 TTD per unit


Extreme Temperatures require Extreme Protection. Fire Blankets also known as Industrial Fiberglass Cloth is commonly used for: Thermal insulation, Fire protection, Heat shielding and Welding safety applications

Roll Length: 45.7m
Roll Width: 5 ft
Temperature Tolerance: 1,000 degree F
Base Fabric: 100% 'G' Filament Fiberglass

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Fiberglass tape reduces radiant heat and underhood temperatures by as much as 50%. Improves your engine’s thermodynamics whilst insulating your headers and manifold. Increases engine performance and cooling by 1%.

Commercial Grade (100 ft per roll)
Sizes available: 2” x 1/8” | 3” x 1/8” | 4” x 1/8”

Hi-Temperature (100 ft per roll)
Sizes available: 2” x 1/8” | 3” x 1/8” | 4” x 1/8”

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The Power Breezer – A mobile oscillating cooling fan is suitable for any event or function. e.g. outdoor, indoor, corporate & social events.

The Power Breezer incorporates cutting edge features:
• Jet engine technology (Air flow up to 14,000 CFM)
• Oscillation (Cools up to 3,000 sq. ft.)
• Reduces temperature by up to 27 degrees Celsius
• Misting (No hose connection – 100 gallons reservoir lasts up to 5 days)
• Operates on 110v

Bookings: (868) 360-1931

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